Pinterest Explosion

It amazes me that one of my most liked & pinned things on Pinterest was something that took me literally two seconds to do.

Okay, maybe 3 minutes… But still…


Ta-Da! There it is. Ridiculously simple yet colorful and, BOOM!

Over 1,000 likes!


Things Every New Blogger Should Know When First Starting Out

So I came across 11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging while researching blogging tips and hot topics. After reading over it, I figured I’d summarize it for some of you, but I highly recommend reading the original post if you are blogging for a living.

Number One: Being Social

Don’t expect people to just stumble across your blog. Yes, it happens, That’s how a few of you found me 😉 BUT the best way to get your blog out there is through other social media. Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter, and StumbleUpon  to name a few… I started to thinking about it after I read it and thought about how popular Instagram has become. If you have a lot of followers via Instagram I’d recommend it as well. Don’t be shy! Put yourself out there and make some connections!

Number Two: Consistency

Be consistent with how often you post. If you go one week writing absolutely nothing, the next week writing every day, and the following week only blogging once, it will have a negative impact on your traffic. This probably means I’ll be in big trouble soon since, I’m so excited about my first blog, I’ve written at least one post a day! I plan to post an average of 3 times a week.

Number Three: What Goes Online, Stays Online

Be passionate about the things you blog about. Ensure every post is a masterpiece. It can take one “lazy” post to screw up your reputation. You may find people blogging about how much you suck. Ouch. Once you put it out there, it’s there forever. Are you scared yet?

Number Four: Address Book

Apparently the best traffic source is though email. I’m actually surprised by this because most people I know never check theirs. But according to this post email subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share the content via the social web.” Which leads to more traffic for you.

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What I Hate About Pinterest

As of May 19th 2014, Being KeLeigh is under construction. Keep checking back! Don’t forget to subscribe!

But in the mean time, I love and I mean LOVE Pinterest! Borderline obsessed with it actually. However, I HATE when I go to pin something and it’s just a photo, absolutely no link to the site. It seriously makes me want to throw my laptop over the balcony.

I mean come on, how are you going to post a picture of an amazing looking, I mean absolutely mouth watering, meal and have no link to the recipe!

Or better yet, a DIY project that you MUST do the second you see it because it’s a solution to a problem you’ve had FOREVER and there is no link to a tutorial.


And I know all you fashionistas out there want to cry when you see the perfect dress and grab your credit card only to find out the photo is just a photo. No link to a place you can buy it!


I’m pretty sure my face looks like that when it happens… At least this is the face I make when Christopher drives… Please excuse my lack of make-up. It was a rough morning.