Pinterest Explosion

It amazes me that one of my most liked & pinned things on Pinterest was something that took me literally two seconds to do.

Okay, maybe 3 minutes… But still…


Ta-Da! There it is. Ridiculously simple yet colorful and, BOOM!

Over 1,000 likes!


Life At Victoria Secret

Before I found out I was pregnant, placed on bed rest, and gave birth to our beautiful daughter Aria, I worked at a Victoria Secret in my local town. First let me say, I truly miss my job! I never thought I’d say that about a job in my life, but working there was one of the best experiences!

Celebrating The Launch Of Our PINK NFL Collection. Geaux Saints!

Of course there were a few bad days… Like the time I dropped a wall bar on my foot. Ouch! Or the time I ate something a coworker made, got food poisoning, and threw up all over myself during Black Friday of all days. Yeah, that went over well… The occasional rude customer, but hey, the customer is “Always” right! Even with memories like this, it’s not enough to outweigh the amazing ones.

My Step Dad Visiting Me At Work And Being Goofy

A common misconception is that you have to get undressed to get a bra fitting… NO! You do not have to strip in front of me for me to measure you… You can keep your shirt on and your bra on… I don’t know how many times I’d open a fitting room door to take a measurement and the person was either half way or completely undressed. I’m a professional, so it really doesn’t phase me one bit, but when it happened to the new girls I could see the sheer look of panic on their faces.

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