Mood Blanket- What Is It?

So what is a Mood Blanket?

Stacey Wentford-Hall, a.k.a Frofunky, started the original Mood Blanket concept and her idea she posted on her Instagram page QUICKLY went viral!

She started crocheting in April of 2012 and fell in love with the craft. However, she had never made a large blanket, so she decided to challenge herself and came up with the idea to crochet one block a day, by picking a color that she felt represented her mood. The Mood Blanket was born! You can follow her progress at her blog as well as her Instagram @FroFunky.

How can I get started?

After researching 793697027089 blogs to learn about the mood blanket concept, I decided I would pick some colors and write down, in a journal, what those colors meant to me.

(Please excuse my awful handwriting!)


I chose red to represent anger, frustration, and being annoyed in general. Orange for days I feel excited, thankful, and inspired. Yellow for when I feel happy, playful, or confident. Green is for hopeful, lucky, & impulsive days. Blue for when I feel calm, amazed, or blessed. Purple for when I feel stressed, anxious or nervous. Pink for days I feel loved, passionate, & secure. Grey for days I feel sad, worried or disappointed & finally, black for days of feeling lost, depressed, or just completely overwhelmed. I REALLY hope my blanket doesn’t have a lot of black and grey blocks! This is just an example of how you can get started. You don’t even have to write a list. You could just pick a random color a day. Whatever color catches your attention. We’ve also seen suggestions for this being used as a way to keep track of flare ups for Fibromyalgia. The possibilities are endless!

Do I have to do granny squares?

Absolutely not! You could start a c2c (corner to corner) and do a row a day. You could do crochet flowers. You could do hexagons, the choice is totally yours. There is no right or wrong way to create this blanket. I’ve seen people do a different style of block each day as well.

What if I miss a few days?

I can almost guarantee you will end up missing a few days. I keep a list of the dates and what I was feeling just in case I get behind while working on another project.


I just did all three of these blocks today because I was behind. Obviously today hasn’t been the greatest day… *Sighs* As you can see, I’ve chosen to use white as my border color and that’s why I left white off of the feelings list.

Do I REALLY have to do a block for EVERY DAY?

NOPE! You can change this project up to do just 12 LARGE blocks (or rows) and have the block represent the entire month, or you could do 52 medium blocks and have a block that represents each week.

Are you as excited as I am to get started?!


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