Sew Much Color!!!

See what I did there?

As some of you already know, I recently got a new sewing machine. Something I’m super excited about.

For the record, my previous machine was also a Brother and is 20 years old… I’m 23… It’s the machine I learned to sew on as a child.

As sad as I am to see it go… It was time.

I HIGHLY recommend the Brother brand to all who enjoy sewing. From beginners to experts!

I absolutely ADORE my new machine… Plus its PINK!!!

For those of you wondering about the features, cost, and reading customer reviews of “my” Limited Edition Lauren Ashley CX155LA Brother sewing machine click >>> HERE <<<

Geez my Brother XL-3010 looks ancient compared to my Brother CX155LA

Anyways, back to all the colors! I’m super excited about my current sewing project!

Something I wish I would have learned a long time ago is the importance of keeping dust OUT of your machine, I was a kid, I didn’t know any better! Regardless, my old machine still lasted me 20 years… And for the record, it still works 99% of the time… It’s just VERY outdated and missing a few parts… Which I couldn’t even begin to tell you what parts I’ve lost to it over the years… And RIDICULOUSLY dusty on the inside!!! I honestly have no clue how to even take it apart to dust and oil it (something else that’s EXTREMELY important to do that I didn’t know as a kid)

So back to the dust part… Since it’s so important to keep dust out of your machine, one of the first projects I decided to do was make a sewing machine cover to keep the dust away!

The last few days I spent my time, measuring, and then remeasuring my machine to make sure I had enough fabric, laminating the cotton to make it water resistant, cutting, and teaching myself how to embroider by hand. Notice my name and the “scissors” on the piece of white fabric? Yeah, I did that by hand! That will be the side pocket to hold my scissors, measuring tape, and… I don’t know, whatever else I can think of that should be there.

I also spent the time doing a lot and I mean A LOT of research on the type/style cover I wanted to make.

After a few hours of surfing Pinterest, google, and sewing blogs, I found a few that gave me inspiration.

Thanks to SoSewLovely‘s DIY Laminate Sewing Machine Cover post, I got the idea to laminate the fabric for water resistance. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT by the way! I also really love that she included a pocket for the extension table, which is something I’m currently trying to find enough extra fabric laying around to do since my new machine has an extension table! Yay! Hopefully she doesn’t mind me showing you the cover she made, I think it’s absolutely beautiful!


She did such an amazing job! She also shows how to laminate the fabric on her blog >>> HERE <<<

Another post I came across was from Isabel Granados, I honestly have NO CLUE what her blog says because it was in Spanish, I think… however; I was really inspired by the way she chose to embroider her pockets on the cover.

It turned out so pretty, and very unique. To see more photos of her design, click >>> HERE <<<

After looking though her blog, she has a ton of cute sewing projects! I’m going to have to figure out how to translate her page!

And finally, my main inspiration for my sewing machine cover is thanks to Notes From The Patch, who gives not only an >>> EXCELLENT TUTORIAL <<< on how to assemble the cozy style sewing machine cover, but also gives you the magical equation to make a cover to specifically fit YOUR machine!

NOW… Onto my machine cover!

For starters, I’ve NEVER done embroidery by hand… Hell, I’ve never EVER done embroidery! But I decided to give it a go to personalize my side pocket a bit. I started with my name, I honestly should have stopped there, but then decided I wanted to try scissors because of Isabel’s design. I loved her little scissor pocket! Well, it turned out okay… I should have JUST outlined a pair of scissors but I took on a little too much trying to do a full fledged pair of embroidered scissors.

Yeah, not too great… But oh well, you live and you learn! Speaking of learning, I learned that I used completely the wrong thread doing this… They make this special embroidery thread, and I, like a moron, realized I was using quilting thread half way through, which definitely effected the quality of it.

Like I said… You live and you learn.

So after a major headache, and multiple breaks because the kids were acting nuts, I FINALLY started getting somewhere.

Excuse my little elephant pin cushion, I couldn’t resist throwing her in there. I adore her!

Now I’m sure you noticed that rough edge at the bottom, don’t worry… It won’t be there for long… I’m adding this trim all the way around the bottom.

Of course at this point my camera decided to die on me. *sighs*

But I think y’all get this gist of what it will look like when the trim is added!

I’d like to give one last shout out to the lovely ladies/blogs that inspired me to make this tonight.

Veanna – SoSewLovely

Isabel – IsabelGranados


Suzanne – Notes From The Patches



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