75 Things I Will Teach My Children

To Aria and Cason. Cason may not be mine by blood, but he is still my son.

  1. Seek the beauty in the world, but always be aware of the ugly.
  2. Fight for what you believe in. I’ll always have your back.
  3. At some point, you’ll probably have your heart broken, but I’ll be your shoulder to cry on.
  4. Never be afraid to dance in the rain, I’ll dance with you.
  5. I’ll always love you, even when you think you hate me.

  6. Go on adventures, LOTS of them, but please keep in touch.
  7. Love with every fiber of your being, don’t hold back out of fear of being hurt.
  8. Chocolate is only a temporary fix, but yes, it does ease the pain. Even if it’s only for a little while.
  9. Live life to it’s fullest, even though half of it will probably scare the crap out of me.20130704_151811_7
  10. Tell me everything even if you’re scared I’ll be disappointed. I already told you, I’ll always love you.
  11. If you can’t tell me something, at least tell your dad.
  12. Don’t you EVER drink and drive. Call us, we will come and get you.
  13. To my daughter, men are complete idiots until they are around 30.
  14. To my son, so are women.
  15. I’m always right, but if / when I’m not… I will apologize to you.
  16. Don’t get a tattoo because it’s cool or cute, get a tattoo because it represents something important to you.
  17. When you get that tattoo, I’m going with you to make sure it’s done right and by a professional.
  18. Work hard, play hard.
  19. Find your passion, and stick with it.
  20. Did I mention, I will always love you.
  21. Never settle, you deserve the world and more.
  22. Everyone has flaws, but you will always be perfect in my eyes.
  23. Our door is always open, never be too scared or too ashamed to come home.
  24. Looks are not everything, it’s what is inside that counts.
  25. Support each other, you’ll always have that special bond.
  26. Apologize, but only if you really mean it. No-one likes a liar.
  27. Respect your body, it’s the only one you’ll ever have.
  28. Trust is something that has to be earned, guard your secrets, unless you’re hiding them from us.

  29. Love means something, don’t just throw the word around.
  30. Forgiveness, I know it’s hard, but it’s important.
  31. Learn how to fight, but only to defend yourself from physical harm.
  32. At some point you will probably be bullied, it’s okay, so were we, and we turned out just fine.
  33. Stand up for yourself, and for the ones you love.
  34. If you’ve been drinking, a glass of water and some ibuprofen before bed will save you from the morning headache.
  35. Once something is on the internet, it’s there forever, be careful.
  36. NEVER cry why driving a vehicle, It’s extremely dangerous. Just pull over and let it all out.
  37. Laugh. All the time.
  38. If you need us, call us.
  39. We all make mistakes, learn from them and don’t make it again.
  40. Pay attention when your father teaches you about cars, I know nothing.
  41. Learn a second language, it will open up a whole new world for you.
  42. To my daughter, if a man treats his mother badly, he’s not the man for you.
  43. To my son, if a woman is disrespectful to her parents, walk away.
  44. Bring home your friends, if we don’t like them, trust us, there is a really good reason we don’t.
  45. Be yourself, no matter how goofy that may be, you are so much more than you realize.
  46. Follow your dreams, make them your reality.
  47. Life is hard, don’t expect it to be easy.
  48. Never chase after a guy/girl, the one’s who are worth it will come for you.
  49. Learn to cook for yourself, fast food is not healthy.
  50. Teach yourself something new everyday, knowledge is power.
  51. Be kind, even when people aren’t kind to you.
  52. Lend a helping hand to a friend in need, but don’t let that friend repeatedly take advantage.
  53. Everything happens for a reason, trust me.
  54. Don’t smoke, it’s a nasty habit that took your father and I years to kick.
  55. Learn to sew, both of you, you never know when you’ll need it.
  56. Make green eggs and ham at least once, it will make you laugh and remind you of simpler times.
  57. I am your parent first, and friend second, don’t forget that.

  58. Never wash anything red with something white… Unless you are trying to turn something pink.
  59. When it rains, it pours, but we will always have an umbrella handy.
  60. Don’t forget to cherish the little things.
  61. Karma… It’s real.
  62. Volunteer for a good cause every chance you get… You never know how quickly the tides can turn.
  63. Visit your grandparents as much as you can. They love you just as much as we do.
  64. Be honest, the truth always comes out.
  65. Know whats going on in the world around you, read the paper, watch the news. Period.
  66. Safety first – Condoms, use them.
  67. Sunscreen, always. It’s important.
  68. Work for what you want, don’t expect things to just be handed to you.
  69. Set at least one goal for yourself each year and do it.
  70. Drugs, just say no.
  71. Education is important. Grammar is EXTREMELY important.
  72. Always have a back up plan… Or two…
  73. Never give up – Ever.
  74. Never doubt our love for you.
  75. When you become parents, remember everything we taught you, children are the future.


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