“Vintage” Inspired Page Corner Bookmark – Tutorial

So I’ve been seeing a TON of corner page bookmarks on Pinterest lately. I mean tons of them. From monsters with teeth, to Angry Birds, to just about any animal you can imagine. I think they are absolutely adorable… For kids that is… I wanted to make myself one that “spoke” to me.

Awhile back I had bought several pieces of card stock and decorative paper from Michael’s when they went on sale.  This particular cream script design has been screaming my name. “Make me into something beautiful KeLeigh!”

Okay okay, we all know the paper wasn’t actually talking to me, but I think you all know what I’m talking about.

So I’m sitting there starring at it tonight trying to figure out what I should make with it… As I’m lost in thought, Aria walks up to me holding a book I’ve been TRYING to read… Knocking out the bookmark that was holding my place… BINGO! I knew what I wanted to make!

Isn’t it ADORABLE??? I love it!

Soooooooooooo, I figured I’d make a little tutorial to share with y’all!

So to start off, we need to gather the supplies:

  • – Scissors
  • – Glue Stick
  • – Ruler
  • – Pen/Pencil
  • – Paper
  • – Decorative Paper/Card Stock
  • – Ribbon
  • – Glue Dots or Hot Glue (Not Pictured)

Now, set everything aside except for your ruler, pen/pencil, & a plain sheet of paper. Using your ruler, you are going to draw THREE, 3×3 inch squares in the shape of a “V”. You should have something that looks likes this. (Please excuse my extra staggering lines coming off the squares)

Told ya I had some extra staggering lines. Oops…

So the next two photos are pretty self-explanatory so just follow with me.

Okay, y’all still with me? I sure hope so!

Now… Here is the tricky part. Don’t worry, even a 4th grader can do it so it’s not hard!

Grab your decorative paper and flip it face down. Trace the pattern you just made onto the back of the decorative sheet.


See, that wasn’t so hard! Now cut out your newly traced pattern.

You’re half way done!

Set aside for now.

Grab your pen, ruler, and card stock. Draw one 3×3 inch square and cut out.

Yeah yeah, once again, feel free to laugh at the staggering lines.

Now grab your glue stick and follow along!

Make sure to get the edges of the square with the glue!

Give the glue a minute or two to dry.

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi… Etc.

Now fold the flaps over to create your creases you’ll need.

Apply glue to the top of one of the flaps (Sorry, my camera sucks tonight, I promise there is glue there!

Fold the other flap down on top of it, making sure to line up the edges before pressing down to secure the glue.

Ta-Da! You should now have this!

Almost done!

Now for the bow…

Because the bow is so tiny, it was pretty impossible for me to take a photo showing you how to make it while I put it together… So click HERE for a YouTube video tutorial from CheerGirls125

Now that you have your bow, simply attach it to your bookmark with glue dots or a drop of hot glue!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


One thought on ““Vintage” Inspired Page Corner Bookmark – Tutorial

  1. I ADORE this. It will go perfectly with my other love letter/”bon voyage” paper creations. Thanks so much for sharing.

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