Not Looking Foward To Scrubbing The Porch


So much chalk on our porch! We are running out of room for us to draw!

Yes, Christopher and I enjoy it too.

Unfortunately, apartment inspections are this week and I have to wash it all away! Not to mention I have to explain to Cason why his art work is gone and why he can’t draw anything else until inspections are over.

Speaking of inspections, I’ve never lived in an apartment complex that did random inspections EVERY three months! Being that its random, they might not even check our apartment and I will have slaved away scrubbing the chalk off our porch and hurting our son’s feelings in the process.

The list of things we have to do is crazy! Yes, they give us a list. Basically, the inside of our apartment needs to look like the inside of a model home and show no signs of being lived in.

Normally I’m a clean freak but a nasty stomach bug has been going around our household so it’s a total wreck!


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