Shout Out To Lauren At Brown Eye Girl Boutique

Today I want to give a little BIG shout out to my friend Lauren and her boutique Brown Eye Girl. First off, being that she is the owner and founder, I’m super proud of her for following her dream to open her own business! Second, I’m absolutely IN LOVE with her merchandise!

One of my favorite tops she has in right now is the But First, Let Me Take A Selfie tank!

Screenshot (64)

I’m sure by now, most of you have heard the song. This top is sure to be a conversation starter. Honestly, I want to drive to her shop right now and try it on so I can take a selfie. It’s on my bucket list! 😉

She has a bunch of super cute tops, but I’m more of a dress kinda gal… The bolder the color and print, the better. Best believe my girl Lauren has what I want!

Screenshot (64)   Screenshot (66)

This Color Play Dress and Color Block Maxi are to die for! Did I mention, they both have pockets!!! Win!

Make sure to check out the website AND the Boutique’s Facebook page to see whats about to hit the racks and shelves before your friends know about it!



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