What I Hate About Pinterest

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But in the mean time, I love and I mean LOVE Pinterest! Borderline obsessed with it actually. However, I HATE when I go to pin something and it’s just a photo, absolutely no link to the site. It seriously makes me want to throw my laptop over the balcony.

I mean come on, how are you going to post a picture of an amazing looking, I mean absolutely mouth watering, meal and have no link to the recipe!

Or better yet, a DIY project that you MUST do the second you see it because it’s a solution to a problem you’ve had FOREVER and there is no link to a tutorial.


And I know all you fashionistas out there want to cry when you see the perfect dress and grab your credit card only to find out the photo is just a photo. No link to a place you can buy it!


I’m pretty sure my face looks like that when it happens… At least this is the face I make when Christopher drives… Please excuse my lack of make-up. It was a rough morning.


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